Membership Price
Total Yearly Membership Price Is $2475.00
This includes your spouse and the paying members
minor children living in your home.
Memberships can be paid in full, or a $500 deposit
with the balance paid in full by May 1st..
Food Plots
About uS
This year we have planted in our Fall Winter food
plots some Barblanco Clover, Fixation Clover, Rape,
Oats, and Attain Rye. They look amazing and the
deer herd is hitting them hard!
As part of our QDM program we have roof
covered feeder stations and mineral sites all
over the property. We maintain these on a
regular bases with nutritional vitamin and
mineral supplements for the wildlife. Be sure to
visit our photo albums to see the feeder stations
and the rewards of them.
Buck Forest Truck Decals, Hats, Shirts & Jackets
For those interested we have truck decals, hat's, shirts, wind
breaker jackets, sport & canvas travel bags along with many
other items that are available with our Buck Forest logo. Shirts &
Jackets are in sizes from youth to Adult XXL.
South Carolina Department Of Natural Resources
For general information and to purchase a
hunting license click here:
Buy License
Feeder Station's & Mineral Sites
This Photo Is One Of The Covered
Roof Feeder Stations That We
Have Throughout The Property