Property & Member Photo's
This is one of our box blinds.
But members can hunt from any
type of stand in their area's.
This is one of our hunting area's on the property.
This is just one of many fun evenings
at our camp site with a fire in the wood
stove and our good friends.
Camp site area with cleaning
station in the back ground.
Camp House
Another hunting area.
Our new front entrance into Buck Forest!
Halloween Oyster Roast/Cookout at Buck Forest
How about this BUCK???
These are a couple of bucks that routinely eat
from the covered food feeder stations that we
have on the property.
A couple pictures of our Fall/Winter food plots.
Ten Point Buck eating Purina Deer Chow from one of
our many covered roof feeder stations.
It just keeps getting better and better!
Christian filling the feeder stations.
The deer love this stuff!