Trail Camera Photos
This buck is a nine point. He has a kicker
coming off of his back right side.
This is one of my very favorite trail camera pictures.
I got a lot of picture's of this buck. He sure liked that
Buck Magic I sprayed in that tree!
This is a nice 10 pointer that I have been
getting pictures of all summer. You will see
him in some of the feeder station pictures
on this page as well.  9/30/2010
This is a nice buck with some stuff on his rack! Taken 2014
We have spread out all over the property these
covered roof feeder stations that we have
dedicatedly kept filled during our off season
and winter months with Purina Deer Chow.
This has been part of our QDM program for
well over 20 years now. Along with all our
natural forage, our year round food pots, our
mineral sites, and these feeder station's we
have had great success at Buck Forest!
Notice the other mature buck slipping in on the left corner?
How about this BUCK???
One of our members harvested this buck 10/14/2012
He weighted 193 pounds - 17 1/4 inches wide
We got a lot of daytime pictures of this nice 8 pt. buck on the
stands (2012 season), he was harvested the next season, 2013.
These first two photo's were taken at different times in October of 2015
Very nice 8 point buck!
These will be some nice bucks next hunting season!